Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Printmaking Patterns for my latest books.

For my latest 4 books published by Templar Publishing, I hand printed all the background patterns at the fantastic Double Elephant print workshop in Exeter.
The little chap at the end is a left over ink mono print.

Ocean Studios

I try and go once a week to my studio at Ocean Studios in Plymouth.
I find it so exciting to be next to the sea and watch it's ever changing moods, very inspirational and great for thinking by.
My fine Art practice is slow, but having set up all my non kids book work in a room away from everything (the kids, lifes admin, housework,etc) I really engage in the process.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

The New studio

It is a luxury to go to a space at Ocean Studios in Plymouth to work on my creative process.
The setting next to the sea is very exciting and inspirational and I am looking forward to watching the changing seasons.
It is away from the domestic life, chores, kids, procrastination, the to do list and my Children's book work.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015


I have so much gratitude and thanks for living here in the UK. (although not perfect)
Two wonderful BIG HEARTED friends, Janey Schmidt and Cat Beech (here they are in animal form!) organised a collection in my Devon town, Ashburton for the Jungle in Calais and drove it and distributed it themselves.
There is still so much more WE CAN ALL DO to help, even if just a small donation.

MOAS Migrant Offshore Aid
MSF Medicine Sans Frontieres

2 Studio Cabrera!

I finally moved into my shared studio space in Ocean Studios in Plymouth.
It's a wonderful building!
I will be working on my non Children's book work here. Excited at the possibilities.


Wednesday, 5 August 2015


Sorry my dear blog, I have abandoned you of late!

For my creative updates it's best to follow me on Instagram or on my Facebook page.

Anyhow... My latest book is in the shops very soon in the USA. (Published by Holiday House.)
It's a modern fun twist on the traditional rhyme. All about knitting and giving. I really enjoyed working on this.

A lovely review in Kirkus review here.

Another in the School Library Journal, “While toddlers can enjoy the song and illustrations in Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, preschool audiences may have a greater appreciation for the book’s humor and literary references, making it a great storytime selection.”

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Oh yes...New books!

I am VERY excited to say that I am working on some new books to be published next year by Templar.
It is joy to be working again with the wonderful Art Director Genevieve Webster (of Rasta Mouse Fame) and the Fabby Editor (and writer) Alison Ritchie. A dream team to me, especially as they worked on my 1st book ever, Cat's Colours back in 1996. (Which still brings in the royalties!)
It is a slight side step in terms of my Artwork, using elements that I have been doing outside my Kids books for a while, including lots of hand printed patterns.
There's a Cat, there's a Lemur and there are surprises!

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Treasure collections

I was inspired at 8 years old by a lady (Mrs Shackelton, I still remember her name) who I met on holiday here in Devon, to keep a nature table and I have been collecting objects of natural beauty every since.
I was also inspired by a childhood TV character, Mr Benn, who always bought home a souvenir to remember his magical journeys.

And my little Devon town of Ashburton is indeed full of treasures...
This week the lovely and talented Charlotte Chance had an exhibition of her magical and original work. (She bottles moments, memories and magic into exquisitely decorated bottle. She also did the packaging for this wishbone necklace for local jewellery maker Yumi Martin.)
My favourite exhibit was the small display draws, each draw had a different display inside. The top one is pictured here.

Also at North Street Gallery natural film maker Toby Strong had an exhibition of his atmospheric photographers beautiful arranged with all his treasures from around the world.

I have on my window ledge a small collection of my natural treasures (Bottom image) and all 3 inspired me to make the A2 work above.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

I wanna be a part of it....NEW YORK, NEW YORK!

I really do love New York. Even when it is in the grips of finger freezin' arctic weather.

(Photos above, including, carved trunks at Anthropologie, presents and purchases including a book from the Maria Kalman Exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt and a poster by Christian Robinson at la Caza
bookstore, light selection of NY, I love the sieve one and mosaics on the metro.)

I just came back from dropping off my latest book to the most lovely publishers in the world, Holiday House.

I also went up to Vermont to visit dear friends.
(Photos below, including the frozen Hudson river from the train and a collage I made.)
All went too quickly, but came back to spring and lots of exciting news. More on that later...